Prevent Bed Bugs From Traveling Through Your Home

Bed bugs are a great travel companion, but one that you don't actually want coming with you anywhere. They love to travel from just about anywhere and can come home with you from other places, or can travel around your home from room to room. If you have found bed bugs in your bedroom, but haven't found signs of them elsewhere in your home, you're going to want to confine them to your bedroom and prevent them from traveling.

Your Questions Answered About Mosquitoes

Are you bothered by the number of mosquitoes inside and outside your house, because they always bite? There might be something around your house that you don't know is attracting the pests. You can get rid of mosquitoes with help from a pest-control service that has experience exterminating them. However, finding what the pests are attracted to around your home is one of the first services that a professional will provide.

How To Keep Your Home Free From Pests

It's hard to relax at home when you have a pest problem. You just never know when the little critters will pop up so you're constantly on edge as you wait for them to appear. The best thing for you to do is use some preventative techniques that can keep bugs and insects out of your house. If you want to enjoy a bug-free home read through the information below so you'll know just how to keep your house free of pests.

Raccoon In The House? Follow These Dos And Don'ts

Raccoons are cute from afar, but up close, they can be downright mean and dangerous. This is not a creature you want to discover in your home, but as springtime approaches and mommy raccoons begin searching for quiet, comfortable places to raise their young, some people will end up with raccoons in their attics or basements. If you are one of these unfortunate homeowners, make sure you follow these dos and don'ts when dealing with the raccoon.

Did Rats Just Invade Your Cake Shop? Use These Tips to Restore Your Bakery to Sanitary Conditions

You've finally realized your dreams of opening a bakery, and there is nothing you love more than seeing your creative cakes on display for all to see. Sadly, you just made a less than savory discovery when you found rodent droppings located in your food storage area. Naturally, rats are drawn to any place where they think they can find an easy meal, and your sweet confections likely drew their attention.