Dealing With A Bed Bug Problem In A House

Does everyone in your household wake up with bite marks on their skin each day? If you recently returned from a family vacation, it is possible that the bite marks are the result of unknowingly bringing bed bugs back to your house. A pest control professional can inspect your house to find out if the pests are present. It is a good idea to get your house treated if you want the pests to stop biting everyone in your household.

Your Three Choices In Rodent Control: Banishment, Relocation, Or Death

Unless you are willing to share your home and food with the local rodent population, there are only three available options. You can perform extensive preparations to keep them out, trap them and take them elsewhere, or kill them. Preventing rodents from entering your home is obviously the better solution, but if it fails, you must be willing to pursue one of the other alternatives, depending upon your moral code or squeamishness level.

Pest Control: Mice

Dealing with mice in the home can be frustrating. You want to get rid of the mice as quickly as possible, but they seem to keep coming back. Mice are obviously a danger to you and your family. They are known to carry Hantavirus, which is found in the fecal pellets of mice. This virus is actually deadly to humans. Not only do mice carry diseases, but also they like to chew through wiring, which can cause a fire hazard.

Ridding Yourself Of A Mouse Problem

There is nothing like finding that you have an infestation of mice in your home. Most of the time mice come into the home when there is a food source, or when the weather is turning cold. These little rodents can be a big problem to a home. One of the biggest problems is they chew through insulation and wiring. However, the biggest cause for concern is that the fecal pellets of mice often have Hantavirus which is a virus that is deadly to humans.

How To Eliminate Termites

Termites are a common household and garden pest that eat away at wood, which means that they can be a fairly destructive force if an infestation takes hold. While they don't carry diseases and won't harm you or your pets, they can cause a great deal of structural damage to your deck, floors, walls, and any other wood based parts of your yard and home. Thankfully, there are a number of pest control treatment options that you can take to control and eliminate a termite population within your home or garden.