How Pest Control Keeps Carpenter Ants From Damaging a Home's Structure

Ants in a home are never a good thing and must be properly managed ASAP to avoid any dangers. Unfortunately, carpenter ants are among the most common and destructive ants in a house, which makes ant control critical. This type of pest management must be done on the inside of the home as well as the outside to create a successful control method

The Impact of Carpenter Ants on a Home

Carpenter ants are very large and destructive ants somewhat like termites because they often invade a house and destroy large amounts of wood. When they get widespread enough, they may end up causing a lot of damage to the structure of a house and may even threaten its structural integrity in many ways. This situation is often quite a problem because it may make a home unsafe to live in without major upgrades.

One of the big things to remember about these ants is that they always come from outdoors when they invade a home. But once they have made a home inside of a building, they are much less likely to leave. After all, they have almost no natural predators in a house and are protected from the cold and have heavy access to food, such as the items in a person's kitchen. As a result, carpenter ant control is crucial.

Ways Ant Control Can Help

Ant control can take on many different steps and requires a lot of careful preparation. First of all, homeowners need to get rid of the carpenter ants inside the house. Pest control experts typically use various pesticides and baited traps to kill the ants and their queen. Once the queen is dead, the colony is in ruins, and picking off the remainder of the ants is a fairly simple step.

That said, homeowners must also make sure that they eliminate any carpenter ants that live in their yard. This step is going to take more work but is worth it because it will ensure that they don't invade a home again and threaten its structure. Pest control experts will use a myriad of different poisons and careful excavation methods to get rid of carpenter ants in a yard for good.

Crucially, homeowners also need to use exclusion techniques to keep ants out of their home forever. Exclusion requires sealing up holes on the outside of a home that would let in ants, often small cracks no bigger than a dime. However, taking these steps helps to make a home safe from carpenter ant invasion for good.