2 Tips For Keeping Bed Bugs At Bay While You Await Treatment

After discovering that your home has bed bugs, you may have already put in a call to a pest control company to come and treat your house. However, if there will be a little time before they can arrive, you may be wondering what you can do to keep the bugs' population under control. If so, use the following tips to help keep the bed bugs at bay while you await treatment.

1.  Wash and Dry Your Bedding Every Few Mornings

Although bed bugs will lurk anywhere in your home, they tend to congregate in beds because that is where you and your family sleep, and they can easily get their nightly blood meal during this time. To help kill the ones that are crawling around in your sheets and blankets, wash and dry your bedding every two or three days.

If possible, wash the bedding as soon as possible after you get up, as the bugs will still be active and have not fully scurried off to their hiding places. When you wash your bedding, use the hottest water possible, and dry it using the highest heat setting.

Don't forget to wipe out your hamper or clothes basket with alcohol before you put the clean bedding in it to take to your room. Eggs and larvae may have dropped off of the dirty bedding and will stick to your clean laundry once you are finished if you do not wipe them out.

2.  Vacuum Thoroughly While Your Bedding Is Being Washed

Even if you wash your bedding, bugs will still remain behind on your mattress and box springs. And, even if you brush off the surfaces, they will fall on the floor around and underneath the bed.

To try to get as many of the bugs as possible, vacuum your mattress, box springs, and surrounding floor while your bedding is being washed. Make sure to concentrate on the corners, as bed bugs tend to like these areas.

Once you are finished, take your vacuum cleaner outside to empty the canister or remove the bag. Put the contents in a black plastic bag, tie it up tightly, and place it as far away from your house as possible. You don't want the bugs inside to make their way back into your home.

While using the above tips can help you keep the number of bed bugs under control, it will not get rid of them. Getting rid of bed bugs is difficult and very hard to do on your own. If you already have appointments for professional treatments scheduled, keep them. If not, contact a pest control company that offers bed bug removal to discuss your options.

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