Ways To Stop Attracting Bugs To Your Home

Bugs and rodents are just about everywhere, so it could be unrealistic to think you'll never have a problem with pests. Even if you manage to rid your home of them, there's no guarantee they won't come back since you can bring bugs home from the store, from work, or from your hike in the woods. Having regular treatments from an exterminator is the best way to keep pests under control, and here are some other steps you can take to keep from attracting pests to your home.

Buy Trash Cans With Lids That Seal 

Trash cans will attract pests indoors and outside as well. It's good to remove trash from your home at the end of the day so that bugs aren't drawn to the odors at night. If that's not possible, keep the trash in a can with a lid that seals in odors and keeps pests from getting to the food. The same is necessary outdoors since an outdoor can will attract much more than mice and roaches. If your garbage can lid doesn't close, you could have problems with flies, raccoons, rats, and a variety of other insect and animal pests.

Keep Food In Containers That Seal

Your kitchen cupboards are a treasure trove of food for pests. Moths and ants are drawn to food stored in cabinets, and they can ruin your food by infesting boxes and bags that don't seal. Consider buying plastic or glass containers to store food that comes in boxes and bags, so bugs can't get inside. If bugs get in your cabinets, then spiders might move in to eat the bugs and live in the dark and quiet space. Plus, food is easier to spill when it's in a bag that doesn't rest flat in the cabinet, and spills and crumbs will attract even more bugs.

Dry Out Damp Areas

Pests are drawn to moisture as much as they're drawn to food. A slight drip under a kitchen sink or a basement that's damp due to condensation can attract bugs, especially those that like to live in damp environments. Some of these bugs, like silverfish, can be destructive to your paper documents, so you don't want them in your home in large numbers. If you see an uptick in silverfish or other bugs, it could be a sign there is a water leak or humidity problem in your home that needs to be fixed. When your home is dry, it will attract fewer pests, and it will be easier to keep bugs out of the house.

When your exterminator visits for a service call, ask about other things you can do to keep bugs out of your home. Some possible suggestions include sealing all air leaks around doors and windows, clearing out clutter, cleaning gutters, and keeping grass trimmed close to your house. Many pests carry diseases and they can be destructive to your home, so working with your exterminator to keep them away is worth the effort.