Prevent Bed Bugs From Traveling Through Your Home

Bed bugs are a great travel companion, but one that you don't actually want coming with you anywhere. They love to travel from just about anywhere and can come home with you from other places, or can travel around your home from room to room. If you have found bed bugs in your bedroom, but haven't found signs of them elsewhere in your home, you're going to want to confine them to your bedroom and prevent them from traveling. Read on for some helpful tips to prevent them from infesting your entire home (which can make it difficult to get rid of them), and tips to get rid of bed bugs.

Keep The Room Dark

Bed bugs like the dark, so be sure to keep the room where they have been found darkened and light up the rooms that haven't been infested yet. Turn a light on in the other rooms and keep them on. It may add a few extra dollars to your energy bill, but worth not having to worry about these pests being found in other areas of your home.

Start Killing The Bugs

Start getting rid of the bugs you have. Set traps around the room, especially beneath the legs of furniture. Use a shallow container to help trap these bugs. They'll get stuck in the trap and eventually die; this helps catch bugs traveling up to your furniture. Any other bugs you see alive, kill them. You can use diatomaceous earth to kill the bugs. Sprinkle the earth around the room and then vacuum up the dead bugs. Dispose of the vacuum contents outside.

Clean Up

Clean up the room using a cleanser such as bleach and water. Wipe down the room from top to bottom starting at the ceiling and light fixture ad wipe it down all the way to the baseboards and the floor. Clean up the floors as well by vacuuming or mopping the floors, and make sure to clean up clutter around the room so you don't have piles on the floor. Make sure to wipe down any decorative objects as well where bed bugs could be hiding.

Your mattress should be vacuumed and placed in a protective bag to prevent bed bugs from getting into your bed ever again.

Bed bugs like to travel, but don't let them travel throughout your home and infest your entire house. Confine them to the one room they are in and work quickly to kill the bugs before your home is overrun with these pesky bugs. Call a bed bug treatment company to get rid of the bugs as quickly as possible.