Your Questions Answered About Mosquitoes

Are you bothered by the number of mosquitoes inside and outside your house, because they always bite? There might be something around your house that you don't know is attracting the pests. You can get rid of mosquitoes with help from a pest-control service that has experience exterminating them. However, finding what the pests are attracted to around your home is one of the first services that a professional will provide. Browse through the content below to learn general information about mosquitoes and getting rid of them.

What Are Mosquitoes Attracted To?

The main thing that attracts mosquitoes to a house is water, whether it be inside or outside. For instance, if there is water in the wall cavities from a pipe leaking, it might be the root of the problem. Rain gutters that have not been cleaned in a while can also attract mosquitoes if there is rainwater trapped inside of them. Water is appealing to the pests because it is where they breed. Mosquitoes are also attracted to vegetation areas of a property, like gardens, as it is where they sometimes like to hide.

When Are Mosquitoes Likely to Bite?

Although mosquitoes sometimes find victims to bite during the daylight hours, they usually come out at night. The pests will hide in dark areas inside a house, such as beneath sinks and in closets. During the night, the pests come out of their hiding places to bite exposed skin in an effort to withdraw blood. Mosquitoes are also most likely to bite people whose bodies release large amounts of certain chemicals. Your blood type can play a role in how often you are bitten by the pests as well.

How Can an Exterminator Help with Mosquitoes?

You will be told where the ideal breeding places for mosquitoes around your house are, so you can get rid of them. An exterminator can then use several pest-control products to get rid of the mosquitoes, but if you live near water, you might need extermination services more than once to keep them under control. Insect-growth regulators can be installed to make it difficult for mosquitoes to breed in the water on your property, such as in a swimming pool. Insecticides can also be used around your property to kill the pests and prevent more from quickly coming back.

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