Did Rats Just Invade Your Cake Shop? Use These Tips to Restore Your Bakery to Sanitary Conditions

You've finally realized your dreams of opening a bakery, and there is nothing you love more than seeing your creative cakes on display for all to see. Sadly, you just made a less than savory discovery when you found rodent droppings located in your food storage area. Naturally, rats are drawn to any place where they think they can find an easy meal, and your sweet confections likely drew their attention. Now, you can use these tips to eliminate the rat problem before your customers notice.

Inspect for Other Types of Pests

Often, a rat problem is the first thing people notice since rodents tend to be larger and leave more noticeable damage behind compared to insects. However, the same issues that led to the rat control problem could have also led to other pest issues. Take the time now to check for other types of pests such as cockroaches that could also pose a health and safety hazard at your cake shop. If necessary, arrange for a professional inspection to check for pests in hidden areas of the building such as the attic and crawl space.

Arrange for Professional Rat Removal Services

When rats invade a food service business, the proper steps must be taken to prevent food-borne illnesses from taking hold. Begin the process of restoring the safety of your cake shop with arranging for rat removal services from a business that is adept at handling infestations in food service companies. This ensures that your rat problem is handled discreetly, and a professional removal service can help you ensure that the clean up is done using the appropriate methods to prevent the spread of disease.

Identify and Remove Rodent Attractants

In most cases, rodents make their way into buildings through a crack or hole in the exterior. Alternatively, a rat could have managed to sneak in through the entrance if the doors were left open too long. Make sure that repairs are made to your cake shop building if you find places that could have allowed the rodents to get inside. Then, assess your current food storage and clean up practices. Ideally, there should be no food residue left out of the refrigerator or storage containers once you close up shop for the night.

You knew that your sweet confections could draw a crowd, but the last thing you expected was to discover that your cake shop had also attracted a group of rodents. Fortunately, prompt action once you detect an infestation is all it takes to get back to running your business with confidence. Learn more by contacting services such as 1st Solution Pest Control.