Tips To Help You Get Rid Of Bed Bugs In Your Home

The chance of experiencing a bed bug infestation in your home has increased over the past years, as bed bugs have become immune to some pesticides that have been traditionally used to kill them. Bed bugs can easily transfer from an infested hotel room, restaurant, or store on your personal items or clothing to your own home, and all it takes is one bug to hitch a ride. There are many methods you can use to get rid of bed bugs in your home, and here are some tips to help you eliminate them.

Natural Treatments

A good way to treat your infested home for bed bugs is with diatomaceous earth. Sprinkle this in areas you have found bed bugs, and the sharp edges of the diatoms will damage the bed bug's outer skin, killing them. Because diatomaceous earth is simply fossilized remains of aquatic organisms or diatoms, it is safe to use in your home and has the appearance of a white powder.

Tea tree oil is another good way to kill bed bugs and it is a safe oil to use in your home. Place several drops of tea tree oil with water and spray it onto infested areas of your home. The tea tree oil will kill bed bugs.

Do-It-Yourself Cleaning

There are several do-it-yourself methods you can use to eliminate bed bugs from your home. Use a vacuum to suck them from carpeting, cracks along the wall, upholstered furniture and mattresses. Be sure you dispose of the vacuum bag in an outside trash bin immediately after vacuuming the area to keep them from re-infesting your home. You can also use a steam carpet cleaner to treat the areas of infestation. Steam and heat will kill bed bugs immediately.

Cover your mattress with a bed bug cover to seal them up and starve them. Because they won't have access to bite you at night, which is how they eat, they will eventually die. Be sure you leave the cover over the mattress for the recommended length of time it takes to kill bed bugs, which can be up to 400 days.

Hire Professional Exterminators

You can also hire a professional pest control service to treat your home effectively to rid bed bugs in its entirety. Call a local pest control company like American Pest Professionals and let them know if you have any small children or pets so they can treat your home safely.