Dealing With A Bed Bug Problem In A House

Does everyone in your household wake up with bite marks on their skin each day? If you recently returned from a family vacation, it is possible that the bite marks are the result of unknowingly bringing bed bugs back to your house. A pest control professional can inspect your house to find out if the pests are present. It is a good idea to get your house treated if you want the pests to stop biting everyone in your household. Browse the information below to learn a few things in regards to dealing with bed bugs.

Bed Bugs Can Hide in Various Areas of a House

Although the pests are known as bed bugs, it is possible for them to infest more than the beds in your house. Beds are simply one of the most common areas that they are found, such as in the small crevices of mattresses. It is also possible for the pests to hide in the cracks of furniture. For instance, if there are night stands beside your bed, it is possible for bed bugs to be hiding in them without your knowledge. The pests are also able to hide in other types of furniture, such as the living room sofa.

Heat Treatment is a Fast Method for Killing Bed Bugs

 When a pest control contractor treats your house, it is possible for him or her to kill the bed bugs on the same day. Basically, the heat treatment method can be used in your house. The reason why the heat treatment method is ideal is due to the pests not being able to tolerate heat that is of a certain temperature. High heat can kill the bed bugs, as well as any eggs that they have laid throughout your house. Keep in mind that heat treatment can be used to treat your entire house, or it can be used only in the room in which bed bugs are found.

Beg Bug Prevention is Necessary After Treatment

Once the bed bugs have been successfully killed via heat treatment, it is important for prompt measure to be taken to prevent them from coming back. For instance, you can request that an insecticide is applied throughout your house upon completion of heat treatment. The insecticide can be applied in the common areas in which bed bugs are found, such as inside furniture, cracks, baseboards, and electrical outlets. Insecticides can kill the pest for a long time after being applied, as they have a residual effect.

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