Tips From Naturally Getting Rid Of Spiders In The Home

If you are the type of person who squeals at the sight of a spider, then you may have a fear that you cannot control. While spiders are helpful in controlling the insect populations both inside and outside your home, you may be keen to simply see the spiders disappear for good. If this is true, then there are several pest control methods you can use to boot the arachnids from your home for good. If you do not want any sort of chemicals spread in your house, then try some natural methods like the ones described in this article.

Saline Solution

You may know that salt water is an effective and natural ant pesticide. When ants are presented with a puddle, container, or spray of salt water, they often confuse the saline solution for pure water. They drink the solution, become thirsty, and drink more. As the salt builds in the body of the ant, dehydration sets in. In essence, the body pulls fluid out of the body to deal with the increase in salt, and water reserves reduce far more quickly than they are replenished.

Spiders, like other animals need a daily supply of fresh water to survive. Dew and rain water that sit on the outdoor vegetation are often the source of the fluid. While this is true, spiders will look for water in your home if this is where they live. This is why you often find spiders stuck around your sink and bathroom drains. If you offer spiders a dish of fresh salt water near your sinks, this can kill the insects. You can also spray the spider directly and spritz webs as well. Webs are often used by spiders to catch dew, and they will drink the salt water that is left there. 

Repel Insects

You probably already know that spiders eat mostly insects. However, you may not understand that spiders eat an extremely large amount of food. The animals have fast metabolisms and will binge on food when it is available to them. A typical spider will eat about the same amount of meat per body mass as the typical human. If you consider what you eat during a typical meal, then it may not come as a shock that spiders desire a constant supply of food. While the spiders can fast for some time, they will also move along and find another home when they realize that insects are no longer on the menu.

This means that if you actively repel insects from your home, spiders will soon leave. To repel the vast majority of insects, keep outdoor lights off or invest in insect repelling lights like ones that release yellow light. Also, spread a layer of diatomaceous earth around the exterior of your home, along exterior door thresholds and along the corners of the rooms inside your home. Also, a few drops of lavender, peppermint, or tea tree oil can repel the insects.

You also should do your best to fill in holes and openings in the home where insects can freely come in. 

In you attempt to get rid of insects, make sure that you spend some time investing in springtail reduction. These small insects commonly infest flower and vegetable gardens where moist soil lines your property. Unfortunately, the bugs are one of the spider's main food sources. To help disrupt springtail colonies, till and turn the soil around gardens frequently and do not overwater the areas. Also, you can spread diatomaceous earth over the soil and you can mix it into the beds as well. Also, avoid the use of composts and other organic fertilizers as these are a favorite of the springtail. For more information, contact companies like Godfather's Exterminating, Inc.