Tips For Addressing Your Home Mouse Control Failures

If you have a mouse infestation in your home, then you may take certain measures to eradicate the rodents. This is called a pest management plan and may involve a number of different things, like placing traps in your home. However, if you still see evidence of mice, then you may feel as though you are losing the pest control battle. If so, keep reading to learn why.

Mice Are Naturally Weary Of Traps

If you haphazardly place a number of mouse traps around your house, then you may not catch many mice. This may be a serious issue if you continue to see mouse droppings and hear the rodents running inside your walls. If so, you should understand that it is a mouse's natural instinct to be weary of new things, and rightfully so. To a mouse, a trap looks like a dangerous contraption that should be avoided. This means that the mice may simply be avoiding them due to fear.

Mice often stop being as fearful when food sources start to dry up. If mice have not come near the traps, then it is likely that they are still munching on food elsewhere in the house. If you have not secured all of your food containers, then now is the time to do so. All foods in your cabinet should be placed in glass or metal airtight containers. 

Once you put the food in the containers, you still may not see mice in the traps. However, this is due to the food in the caches that mice use to store food for long term use. Once the cache dwindles, the mice will start to venture out and explore spaces they normally would not, like the traps. Keep in mind that you will need to keep crumbs cleaned up well and you also should close your garbage containers tightly to prevent mice from getting at crumbs instead of investigating the traps.

Mice May Still Be Coming In

If you address the things that keep mice inside your home, like the availability of food, but do not address outside issues, then mice may be coming in as the ones already inside may be caught by the traps. This means that you need to address the things outside your home that may make mice fee at home. For example, if you have bushes, brush, or branches that are lined up next to your house, then mice may find numerous places to hide near your home. As mice venture out in search for food, then may may find an opening in the house that they can slip into.

The best way to avoid this sort of thing is to remove all brush from your house's exterior. Once you remove the brush, look for small holes and openings near your foundation. Close the holes in with a metal material like steel mesh. This will help to fortify your house better from new infestations. You can discover more here, or on similar sites.