First-Time Homeowner 101: Outdoor Pests That Can Keep You From Enjoying Your Yard

If you are a first-time homeowner, you may be excited at the thought of tending a garden or hanging out in a yard relaxing with friends and family. However, in order to enjoy these activities, you need to keep your property free of outdoor pests. The following guide can serve as your primer on some of the most common outdoor pests that you will have to deal with as a homeowner. Since you own the property, it will be up to you, not a landlord, to deal with the pests.


Mosquito infestations can put a halt to spending warm, summer evenings in your yard. If you are tired of preparing for an evening in the backyard as if you are on a camping trip by slathering repellent on your clothes and lighting citronella candles, get professional help and follow some basic steps to keep the biting insects out of your yard.

Pest control specialists will be able to uncover hidden mosquito breeding grounds. The insects love moist areas, crawl spaces, gutters and exterior cracks, septic tank openings and tree holes.

After breeding areas are identified, the pros will treat the areas with a bait formula to attract and then kill the insects.

Pest control specialists will also provide you with tips on how to keep the insects from returning such as eliminating the breeding areas, improving soil drainage to prevent pools of water from developing in your yard and making sure you do not leave out objects like old tires that harbor the insects.

Rodents and Moles

If you have ever experienced the fright of seeing a vole run across your feet when you are gardening, then you have experienced one of the awful effects of an outdoor rodent infestation. In addition to being upset at having them running through your vegetation, mice and voles will eat your plant roots, bulbs and stems. They also like to chew through tree bark.

Moles, insectivores that resemble rodents, do not do as much damage as they primarily eat insects, but they disrupt plant roots when they tunnel and leave mounds of dirt all over the lawn.

Setting traps and bait when you have a serious outdoor rodent infestation will not work to eradicate these pests. Professional exterminators will find their hard-to-detect tunnels and tracks. They will use pesticides that are only available to licensed exterminators and apply the poison in a way to minimize damage to your plants in a plan of action customized to your particular situation.


If you notice signs of termites in your house, the origin of the infestation could be the soil around your home. While the pests are normally associated with the damage they can cause to homes, subterranean termites infest your yard, living underground and building tunnels to your house. You may notice them when you are digging in your yard to plant flowers and vegetables.

In addition, drywood termites will damage outdoor structures such as balconies, decks and porches made from wood that is not termite resistant.

Anyone who has dealt with a serious termite infestation before will tell you that the only way to deal with these tiny critters is to hire an exterminator with expertise in eliminating the pests. Trying to control outdoor termites on your own is a losing battle.

Pest control experts employ a variety of techniques to tackle outdoor termite infestations including applying slow-use bait to soil and chemicals that only target the termites.

Predatory Wasps

The sight of a wasp nest in your yard can be terrifying if you have ever been stung by one of the insects before. Also known as yellow jackets and paper wasps, these predatory insects can be beneficial as they eat other unwanted pests. However, the dangers they pose to humans, especially those who are allergic to their sting, can outweigh their positive qualities.

A pest control expert will first identify the species of wasp in your yard. The treatment they use to eradicate the insects will vary based on species. While wearing protective gear, they will treat the infestations using dust, spray or liquid insecticide.

It is important to call a pro as soon as you detect a wasp nest because if the insects find their way inside your home, they can build a nest in hard-to-reach places like attic corners, chimneys and wall cavities.

For more information for any pest problem you are having, talk with a pest control company in the area, such as Fowler Pest Control.