Did Rats Just Invade Your Cake Shop? Use These Tips to Restore Your Bakery to Sanitary Conditions

You've finally realized your dreams of opening a bakery, and there is nothing you love more than seeing your creative cakes on display for all to see. Sadly, you just made a less than savory discovery when you found rodent droppings located in your food storage area. Naturally, rats are drawn to any place where they think they can find an easy meal, and your sweet confections likely drew their attention.

Tips To Help You Get Rid Of Bed Bugs In Your Home

The chance of experiencing a bed bug infestation in your home has increased over the past years, as bed bugs have become immune to some pesticides that have been traditionally used to kill them. Bed bugs can easily transfer from an infested hotel room, restaurant, or store on your personal items or clothing to your own home, and all it takes is one bug to hitch a ride. There are many methods you can use to get rid of bed bugs in your home, and here are some tips to help you eliminate them.

Natural And Safe Pest Control For Your Home And Yard Mouse Problem

Dealing with a mouse problem is never fun, whether it is inside your home or in your backyard. Here are some tips and insight to help you get rid of mice from your home and yard so you don't have to worry about it anymore.  Get a Cat If you have mice in your home or around in your backyard, you can get rid of them by getting a cat as a pet.

Getting Birds To Go Away Without Hurting Them: Some Solutions

There are a number of pest control products on the market that state that they are "humane bird deterrents," but the truth is that they could easily hurt a bird rather than prevent its landing. The sharp spikes you see on church roofs and the shock strips on roofs are not that humane. A bird could easily impale itself on the spikes, and cook its insides on the shock strips. Instead, try one of the following solutions, which really are humane.

3 Ways That An Exterminator Can Help You Deal With Termites

Termite exterminators are vital resources when trying to keep your house in the best possible shape, mostly because they can help mitigate or prevent any termite damage. Listed below are three ways that an exterminator can help you deal with termites before they can cause too much damage to your home. By Performing An Annual Inspection A service that is often overlooked that most termite exterminators can provide is an annual inspection, which is a bit of a problem because an annual inspection can help ensure that you do not end up finding out you have termites throughout your home after the termites have already caused a lot of damage.